Coaching Level 1


A positive step for Suriname to organize a level 1 course with two local tutors

The Suriname National Tennis Association ( STB) has taken a positive step towards the development of Tennis in Suriname. After10 years, Suriname took the initiative organizing a National Coaches Course (Level 1), where the ITF syllabus and recommended ITF tutors were put into practice. The unique part of this course was that it was the first time in Suriname that a Level 1 course has been conducted by two local tutors. The main tutor was Mr. John Goede and the assistant tutor was Ms. Carolina Vera Vera. During this course there were 9 enthusiastic candidates that enrolled in this course. Having enthusiastic candidates and two passionate local tutors will be very positive for the growth and development of the tennis in Suriname.

One of the benefits is that the course was extended in hours and it is also divided in two phases. Phase 1 was approximately 110 hours where the theoretical and practical part was completed according to the ITF syllabus. And phase 2 consists of an internship period where the coaches are able to implement what they learned in the real world of the game. 

During the internship each coach will contribute a minimum of 25 hours of their service to projects that are in close relationship with the National Association (STB). During this period the local tutors keep a professional eye on the coaches and at the end of their practical period each candidate needs to hand in an internship report. By the first week of March these coaches are able to graduate from the Suriname Level 1 National course. 

Another benefit was the good collaboration of various tennis clubs. During the course there was very good collaboration from the tennis clubs that allowed us to use their facilities. The first week the venue used was club Dolfijn and for the other two weeks the venue used was club Oase. For the development of tennis it is very important that this positive collaboration continues between clubs and the NA.

Phase 1 was successfully completed during October 16 till November 7. The first 4 days the Play Tennis course was conducted and the rest of the weeks were used for the level 1 material. The study material and the exams where given in English, but during the lectures the local Dutch language was used as well. Combining both languages made it easier for the candidates to understand the material. This was another benefit in having two local tutors during the course. 

As tutors we are very pleased to contribute to the development of tennis in Suriname. It was a very good learning experience for the new coaches and for us. We keep looking forward to the growth of tennis in Suriname and hopefully beside good quality coaches we strive to have more facilities and a good long term development plan for tennis in Suriname.